#1 in Finland, Poland and Russia

QuizClash #1

A new year, a new milestone for FEO Media! In March alone, three apps have reached #1 on the top charts for iOS! Poland’s Quizwanie, Russia’s Борьба Умов, and the newly released QuizTaisto for Finland are the most popular social quiz apps in each country.

Another proud milestone is our apps have over 45,000,000+ downloads!!! As users have been enjoying QuizClash and its localized versions for over 3 years now, we hope you stay tuned in the coming weeks for some major surprises.

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QuizTaisto in Finland



We were are always looking to include our Nordic neighbours, and now we can! FEO Media has released QuizTaisto in Finnish. QuizTaisto is available on Google Play, the App Store, and Windows Phone.

For more up-to-date information, check out QuizTaisto’s Facebook page.

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Duelo Quiz Arrives in the Southern Hemisphere

Duelo Quiz in Brazil

Duelo Quiz in Brazil

FEO Media has officially arrived for the first time in the Southern hemisphere, with the free social quiz app Duelo Quiz for Brazil. Duelo Quiz has been developed to fit the local market by its Brazilian Team and is available in Portuguese.

Duelo Quiz can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

For more updates, like and share the Duelo Quiz Facebook page.

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Quizduelo enters The Philippines



A new continent for FEO Media. We have entered the Southeast Asian market with the free mobile social quiz app Quizduelo for The Philippines.

The social quiz app Quizduelo is in Filipino. It can be downloaded from The Apple Store and at Google Play. Don’t forget to check out Quizduelo and like it on Facebook.

In other news, QuizClash and its various localisations have now passed 40+ million players worldwide!

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Into the North

Борьба Умов (Borba-Umov)

Moving right along from across the pond to up north, FEO Media has released a free quiz app version called Борьба Умов (Borba-Umov) available on iOS and Android.

Борьба Умов is available for the Russian-speaking markets in Belarus, Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Moldova.

We are looking forward to our Quiz users challenging each other in the Cyrillic alphabet!

For updates and fun facts, check out the quiz game Борьба Умов on Facebook.

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Quizduello / Quizduell is now a board game


Quizudell for the German market

FEO Media just keeps rolling out with new and exciting business ventures! We are happy to introduce our mobile quiz app as a physical board game available for Quizduell (Germany) and Quizduello (Italy) on Amazon.

Stayed tuned for more quiz app updates and news from FEO Media.

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Moving across the pond to Canada

QuizClash CanadaQuizClash CanadaFEO Media is expanding its reach rapidly with the inclusion of QuizClash to the Canadian market. By joining the 36+ million players around the world, QuizClash-Canada will bring the same level of fun and competition to a new group of trivia players!

This ever expanding trivia game includes international and Canada-specific questions to challenge all Canadians to become certified Quiz-Clashers.

QuizClash- Canada is available for download on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Follow QuizClash Canada on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and news.

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Quizduell becomes a TV-show in Germany

Quizduell TV show

Host Jörg Pilawa of Quizduell. Photo: Michael Hübner/ ARDNDR

FEO Media can proudly announce that Quizduell, the german version of the hit quiz game, is a live TV quiz show. The show will start airing the 12′th of May on ARD, the second largest public broadcaster in the world. Host will be the famous German TV show host Jörg Pilawa.

The production has been a collaboration between ITV Studios Germany, Grandcentrix (famous developer of the Eurovision Song Contest backend) and FEO Media AB.

The people watching the show will be able to play along with the TV-show using the classic Quizduell app on their Android or iOS device. We’re very excited to be a part of pushing the boundaries of traditional TV forward.

In other news, we just passed 30 million players making us the biggest social quiz app game in the world!

Quizduell TV show

Players on Quizduell can play against participants during the live TV show. Photo: Rüdiger Wölk

Quizduell TV show contestants

Quizduell TV show contestants. Photo: Meedia.de


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26 million players and conquering France


FEO Media can happily announce that our mega hit mobile quiz game just passed 26 million users.

France is the next market to be quizified. The French version of the game, ‘Duel Quiz‘, is #2 on French iOS app and adds about 30 000 new players daily.

Also the Polish version of the game, ‘Quizwanie‘, has a steady place among the top 10 most popular apps on the Polish iOS app store.

La France adore Duel Quiz!

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15 000 000 players


The FEO Media smash hit mobile quiz game just passed 15 million players. The growth in players is absolutely incredible. This is without a doubt the most popular mobile quiz game in the world right now.

FEO Media can happily announce that two new countries have been blessed with localised releases. Duel Quiz (France) and Quizwanie (Poland).

Media coverage of the recent mega-success in Germany:
















Other games: Quizduell (DE), QuizDuello (IT), QuizClash (UK + US), Quizduel (NL), Quizkampen (SE, NO, DK), Duel Quiz (FR) and QuizReto (ES)

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